14.3 Understanding the Content Role

Content consists of bundles, policies, system updates (ZENworks Server and ZENworks Agent), and patches.

If you want to improve content access for a group of devices without creating another Primary Server, you can create the Content role on a device. For example, if you have devices that are accessing a Primary Server outside of their network segment, you can create the Content role on a device within the network segment to service those devices.

The Content role provides the same content delivery service as a Primary Server but requires only the Content role module that is installed with the ZENworks Agent. The module is inactive until you enable it on the managed device.

When you enable the Content role on a device, you assign a Primary Server as its parent content server. The Content role Satellite downloads content only from its parent Primary Server. Therefore, any content you want hosted on a Content role Satellite must also be hosted on its parent Primary Server.

On the managed device, the Content module is inactive until you promote the managed device to be a Satellite with the Content role or until the Content role is added to an existing Satellite.