2.6 Preparing an Update

In the preparing stage, the prerequisites check and system update preparation is performed on all the Primary Servers. Click the Preparing link to view the preparation status.

The preparing includes following stages:

  • Replicating Content: In this stage, latest System Update files are replicated to the local content repository.

  • Deploying Web Applications: In this stage, each update is embedded with web applications, which assist administrators in configuring and monitoring the update.

  • Upgrading ZENworks Updater Service: In this stage, the ZENworks Updater Service on all the primary Servers will be replaced with the new package that is included in the update.

  • Persisting Update Commands: This stage saves further information on each update, such as dependencies and identifiers in the local file system, and it updates the updates-prepared file with the latest GUID information.

  • Finalizing Preparation: In this stage, list of update commands that are executed on each Primary Servers are fetched from the database and saved in the local file system.

NOTE:If an error occurs during any stage, the system will retry preparing after a few minutes.

If any server fails during preparing stage, you can ignore that server and continue with the system update. To ignore a server, select the server and click Ignore Device. It is recommended to resolve the issue, and then continue with the system update.

If you want to deploy the system update, you should authorize and configure the update, and only then you will be able to deploy the updates.

You can deploy the system update through deployment stages or by select the devices. For more information, see Section 3.0, Deploying Updates

If the download of the system update does not complete successfully, click the Error link and perform the required steps based on the displayed message. Files that are already downloaded are not automatically removed. The download will resume from where it went into the Error state.