3.4 Updating Satellite Servers and Managed Devices

To update Satellite Servers or managed devices, use the System Update feature. For detailed information, see the ZENworks System Updates Reference.

If you encounter any issues while deploying the ZENworks update on the managed devices, see the following log files:

Windows: installation_path\novell\zenworks\logs\system-update\5020000000fc50000000002019100412\system-update.log

Linux: /var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/system-update/5020000000fc50000000002019100412/system-update.log

In the upgrade log file path, 5020000000fc50000000002019100412 indicates the System Update GUID.


  • After updating from an older version of ZENworks on which ZENworks Patch Management is installed, DAU might fail on newly added devices until the next Patch Management subscription is updated.

    After the DAU bundle is updated by the subscription and the version is incremented by the same, this issue will be resolved. This issue does not impact the existing ZENworks agents as they already have the analyze.exe module installed on them. Therefore, they continue to execute the old DAU and receive an updated patch agent when the subscription service updates the DAU bundle.

  • If you demote a Satellite Server before performing an update, you need to ensure that the demotion is successful before you proceed with the update.