6.9 Uninstalling a Bundle

Uninstalling is an administrator-controlled feature. By default, uninstalling is not enabled, which means that you can uninstall bundles only if your administrator has enabled this feature. Uninstalling is enabled on a per-bundle basis. Depending on what your administrator enables, you might be able to uninstall some bundles but not others.

When you uninstall a bundle, the ZENworks Agent removes all files from your device and reserves all configuration settings made to your device during bundle installation. Only the files that the ZENworks Agent installs specifically for the bundle are removed. For example, the ZENworks Agent does not remove any shared files (files used by another application) or any user-created files such as word processing documents or spreadsheets.

After you uninstall a bundle, the bundle icon remains on your device. This enables you to install the bundle again whenever necessary.

To uninstall a bundle:

  1. Access a bundle from the ZENworks Window. For more information, see Accessing Bundles.

  2. Right-click the bundle icon, then click Uninstall.


    Select the bundle(s), then click File > Uninstall.