9.2 Requesting a Remote Management Session

In some situations, you might want to request a Remote Management session with a remote operator, or you might be requested by a remote operator to initiate a session.

To request a session:

  1. Right-click the ZENworks icon ZENworks icon in the notification area.

  2. Click Technician Application.

  3. In the left navigation pane, locate the Remote Management heading, then click General.

  4. Click Request Remote Management Session to display the Request Session dialog box.

    The ability to request a Remote Management session is controlled by your administrator, which means the option might be disabled, particularly if your company or department does not have dedicated help desk personnel to serve as on-call remote operators. If the Request Remote Management Session option is not displayed as linked text, the option is disabled.

  5. In the Listening Remote Operators list, select the remote operator you want to open the remote session with.


    If the remote operator is not listed, enter the operator’s connection information in the Request Connection fields.

  6. In the Operation field, select the type of operation (Remote Control, Remote View, Remote Diagnostics, File Transfer, or Remote Execute) you want to open. For information about each operation, see Remote Management Operations.

  7. Click Request to launch the session.