7.1 Viewing a Licensed Product’s Entitlements

You can view the list of entitlements for a licensed product. The list provides general information about each entitlement, such as its license type, license model, license quantity, and discovered products covered.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Asset Management tab.

  2. In the License Management page, click Licensed Products.

  3. In the Licensed Product panel, click the licensed product whose entitlements you want to view.

  4. Click the License Entitlements tab

    The License Entitlements page consists of two panels: Entitlements (Consumption Data Source: Inventory) and Entitlements (Consumption Data Source: Manual)

    The Entitlements (Consumption Data Source: Inventory) panel is used to manage the entitlements that pull their product installation data from the Inventory data collected during scans of devices in the Management Zone.

    The Entitlements (Consumption Data Source: Manual) panel is used to manage entitlements that require product installation data to be manually entered into the entitlement.

    These panels display the following details:

    Description: The name of the entitlement. Click the name to display the entitlement’s details.

    Type: The entitlement type: Full, License/Maintenance, or Version Upgrade.

    License Period: Indicates if the license period is perpetual or for a specific term.

    Term License Status: Indicates if the license is active or expired.

    License Model: The type of license model.

    License Quantity: The total number of licenses included in the entitlement, either through catalog products assigned to the entitlement or purchase summary records created for the entitlement. Click the quantity number to manage (view, add, or remove) the catalog products and purchase summary records that are contributing to the total license quantity.

    Quantity Available: The number of available licenses. This is calculated by subtracting licenses consumed from the total number of licenses.

    Versions Covered: This column is included only in the Inventory panel. It shows the discovered products, listed by version, that are covered by the entitlement. Click a version to manage (view, add, or remove) the entitlement’s covered product versions.

    Upgrade From: If the entitlement type is Version Upgrade, this column displays the entitlement from which it is upgraded.