15.1 Adding Demographic Data to Devices

Each device’s Inventory data contains three demographic fields: Site, Department, and Cost Center. Adding this demographic data to devices does the following:

  • Creates the list of demographics (for example, Site1, CostCenterA, or Department12) to which licenses can be allocated. When you allocate licenses, you can allocate them only to sites, departments, and cost centers that already exist in Inventory device data or purchase record data.

  • Enables a device’s installations to be tracked against the license allocations. For example, you allocate 10 ProductA licenses to Site1. If Device1 is associated with Site1, Device1’s installation of ProductA is tracked against Site1’s allocations. Otherwise, it is not.

  • Enables you to use the Initialize Allocations Wizard to create a licensed product’s initial allocations based on the devices’ demographic data. For example, assume that you are initializing license allocations for ProductA based on the Site demographic. Device1, Device2, and Device3 have ProductA installed. Device1 and Device2 are assigned to Site1 and Device3 is assigned to Site2. The wizard allocates two licenses to Site1 (for Device1 and Device2) and one license to Site2 (for Device3).

If all your license allocations will use the same demographic (Site, Department, or Cost Center), you can add only that demographic data to each device. For example, if all demographic allocations are going to be Department allocations, you only need to add a department to each device. If you will have a mixture of demographic allocations, you should add a site, department, and cost center to each device.

There are three ways you can add demographic data to a device:

  • Use ZENworks Control Center to manually enter the data for each device. To do so, go to a device’s Inventory page, click the Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory link, click Edit (at the bottom of the page), then provide information in the Site, Department, and Cost Center fields.

  • Distribute an electronic data collection form to individuals and have them supply the demographic data. For instructions, see Scanning Demographic Data in the ZENworks Asset Inventory Reference.

  • Import demographic data from device objects in your LDAP directory. For instructions, see Importing Demographic Data in the ZENworks Asset Inventory Reference.