20.1 Software That is Tracked

Asset Management tracks usage for the following software:

  • Installed Discovered Products: Software products, defined in the ZENworks Knowledgebase, or in the Add or Remove Programs panelthat are installed on devices in your Management Zone.

  • Local Software Products: Installed software products that you define because they are not registered as discovered products in the ZENworks Knowledgebase. In essence, they are administrator-defined discovered products. When they are defined, they are displayed in the Discovered Products list.

  • Software Files: Installed software files that are not included in the ZENworks Knowledgebase and for which no local software products have been created.

  • Web Applications: Web applications or pages that are hosted on either internal or external Web sites. Web applications are not discovered automatically; you must create them.

Asset Management tracks executable (.exe) files to collect usage data. Therefore, it does not track thin-client applications launched from Citrix servers and Windows Terminal Servers. It tracks the thin-client usage itself, just not the applications run within the thin client.