28.4 Viewing the Date Notifications List

You can view a list of all date notifications. The list provides general information about each notification, such as its status, number of times sent, and next scheduled send time.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Asset Management > Contract Management.

  2. Click Date Notifications.

    The list provides the following information for each notification:

    Name: The ID of the contract to which the date notification applies. You can click the contract ID to display the contract’s details.

    Field: The date field to which the notification applies.

    Status: The status of the date notification.

    • Pending: The first notification message has not been sent yet.

    • In-Progress: One or more notification messages have been sent and more are scheduled to be sent.

    • Completed: All scheduled notification messages have been sent.

    • Disabled: The date notification is no longer active.

    Sent: The number of notification messages that have been sent.

    Failures: The number of sent notification messages that failed. You should ensure that you have specified an e-mail server (Configuration > Management Zone Settings > Event and Messaging > SMTP Settings) and that the recipient is a valid.

    Last: The date of the last notification message attempt.

    Next: The date of the next notification message attempt.