2.6 Outputs from Pre-Design Activities and Workshops

As mentioned in Develop a High-Level Design, there are two main outputs (or deliverables) from your pre-design activities:

Assessment Document: This document highlights the findings from the business and technical assessments that you perform. It is the foundation for performing your design activities and needs to be kept up to date. This document includes the following information:

  • Requirements gathered during meetings and workshops with department leaders and others inside the organization that will influence the services that ZENworks will deliver.

  • A detailed summary of your technical findings and what needs to change in order to support ZENworks in the infrastructure. Suggestions should include best practices and detailed recommendations to resolve any known issues.

  • High-level design information, including general placement of services and other infrastructure components.

High-level Graphical Design Diagram: This diagram is used to visually understand what the infrastructure will look like after the deployment is complete. This is a foundational document and it should be further refined during the design phase of your project.