3.18 Documentation

Documentation is the most important aspect of the design phase. It is critical that you document all decisions that are made during the design phase and keep these items up-to-date. After the document has been finalized, it is important to keep it up-to-date to reflect all changes to both the ZENworks infrastructure that is in place, as well as the infrastructure and services that ZENworks relies on.

In addition to reflecting the infrastructure, the design document can prove to be a useful and powerful knowledge transfer document. As individuals within the organization move in and out of the IT Services division, they can use this document to better understand what was put in place, and how the system is connected and interconnected. It is a tool to provide insight into what was decided during the project and beyond.

We recommend that you store the design document in a documentation repository if you have one, and you should provide access to the document as required. However, you should limit who has write access to the document so that it is not updated by unauthorized personnel.