1.1 The Goal: Total Management, Zero Effort

Over the last two decades, ZENworks has provided the gold standard for unified endpoint management in today’s complex and heterogeneous corporate networks. The suite of integrated ZENworks products enables policy-based automation of software and patch deployment, asset tracking, endpoint security, OS (operating system) migration, and many other routine tasks.

With ZENworks, the IT staff can synchronize their heterogeneous environment (Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices) with their organization’s business policies, while saving IT time, budget, and resources for strategic projects. All of this focuses on the goal to provide total network management while bringing the associated management effort as close to zero as possible.

ZENworks offers the following:

  • Provides a single modular architecture, platform, and agent for all ZENworks products.

  • Provides a unified, web-based administration console.

  • Includes built-in audit capabilities for the entire zone.

  • Allows bundles and policies to be shared between zones.

  • Uses only standards-based protocols.

  • Reduces the overall wire traffic.

  • Allows full manageability over the Internet.

  • Simplifies and speeds installation, deployment, and updates.

  • Scales to support a maximum limit of 100,000 devices in a single Management Zone, with the appropriate database in place.