1.3 The Solution: Micro Focus ZENworks

ZENworks is based on a web-services architecture designed to provide a secure, highly usable, open environment for managing all your Windows, Linux, MacOS, and mobile devices. ZENworks provides you with a single, modular architecture that maximizes flexibility and scalability, simplifies and speeds management throughout the device life cycle, minimizes processing demands on managed clients, reduces bandwidth consumption for management processes, and uses standards-based protocols to seamlessly integrate with your choice of user directories and object databases.

ZENworks lets you manage systems based on user identities, roles, groups, and locations, so IT can work seamlessly with the company’s business organization and policies. ZENworks gives you a secure, web-based console for unified control over all management tasks, from virtually anywhere.

ZENworks is the only unified endpoint management tool in the market that provides management based on the following three key criteria:

  • What device are you on? The device chosen by the user to access resources.

  • Who are you? The end user’s identity in the corporate directory.

  • Where you are? The end user’s physical location.

Combining these three criteria, ZENworks can automatically invoke different security and configuration postures as the user changes devices, locations, and roles within the enterprise. For example, when a user travels to a remote office, ZENworks can automatically and transparently enforce different printer policies, provide group policies to configure the device, offer an alternative method to access an application (such as thin version), and define security details (such as the applications that can run, the firewall settings, and what removable storage can be used by the device). No other endpoint management tool can come close to offering this level of flexibility. For more information on locations, refer to Creating and Managing Locations.

If your organization is undertaking an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) initiative, ZENworks is the right choice for you. It has been built as a modular set of components that uses industry standards to build a product and set of solutions that completely align with ITIL best practices and disciplines.