15.1 Configuring Satellite Certificates When Using an External Certificate Authority

By default, Satellites are not configured for SSL. However, Micro Focus recommends that you enable SSL on Satellites with Content Server or Collection Server roles. Additionally, SSL is required on any Satellite with the Authentication role.

You will need to ensure that a unique certificate is issued to each Satellite so that a proper SSL session can be established with the device. If you are using an internal CA this process is handled automatically by the system. However, if you are using an external CA you must do the following:

  1. Ensure that the Satellite has its own individual server certificate and private key.

    For detailed information on how to create to an external certificate, see Creating an External Certificatein the ZENworks Server Installation.

  2. Import the external certificate by using the zac isc command on the Satellite.

    For more information about zac, view the zac man page (man zac) on the Satellite or see the ZENworks Command Line Utilities Reference.

For more information on how to configure the Satellite roles, see Adding and Configuring Satellite Devices in the ZENworks Primary Server and Satellite Reference.

NOTE:You must import the external certificate each time you promote a Satellite to the Content Server, Collection Server, or Authentication role.