16.2 Planning Your Deployment

After you gather the appropriate information you now need to determine the following:

  • How many LDAP replicas are required to handle the load?

  • How many LDAP servers will be configured for each Primary Server and in what order?

  • How many Satellite Servers will have the Authentication role and an associated LDAP server to be deployed?

You can use Primary Servers and Satellite devices that have the Authentication role to authenticate users to the ZENworks Management Zone. To improve performance, you can create multiple connections to local replicas of eDirectory or Active Directory trees so that Satellites do not have to authenticate users over a WAN or slow link. Creating connections to local LDAP user sources also provides fault tolerance by providing failover to other user source connections in the event that one connection does not work.

Satellite devices with the Authentication role can speed the authentication process by spreading the workload among various devices and by performing authentication locally. In addition, each Satellite can have multiple connections to each user source to provide failover.