17.2 LDAP Replica Configuration for eDirectory Servers

Because ZENworks will generally be performing searches from a very high-level O or OU and below, it is recommended that the ZCM Primary Servers be pointed to an LDAP server that holds replicas of all of these objects.

If the Primary Server's LDAP server does not hold a copy of all objects in its replicas, then it will cause the LDAP queries to chain to multiple LDAP servers, which is highly inefficient.

A Primary Server should never point to a remote server that only holds a limited number of replicas. This is primarily a concern for eDirectory user sources, since eDirectory is a highly distributed database.

NOTE:It is acceptable to configure remote satellite authentication servers to point to a local replica server that does not contain all the objects, since at least some of the queries will be handled locally.

In addition, the ZCM agent will cache the DN for previously logged in users, removing the need for an LDAP search, so long as the user has already logged into the device and the user object has not moved since the last log in. This will greatly limit the number of times a remote satellite authentication server will need to query the entire tree during authentication.