18.0 Pre-Design and Planning

When ZENworks and the Citrix Server are properly integrated, these powerful solutions provide a functionally rich and manageable solution that is not possible when they are implemented in isolation. It is important to provide additional functionality without losing the functionality or reliability of either of the components.

By integrating Novell ZENworks and the Citrix Server, you achieve the following benefits:

  • Improved application accessibility and manageability

  • Strengthened security through Patch Management

  • Improved compliance through Asset Management

  • Improved remote access of applications that are on the Citrix server

  • Simple and one-click access to the applications on the Citrix server

  • Reduced complexity and increased productivity by having all of your local and remote software in one place

In order to realize these benefits, it is critical that you plan and implement the solution appropriately. This chapter provides information on the planning that needs to be done to ensure a proper deployment: