B.0 Replicating the TFTP Directory

ZENworks allows you to replicate the changes made to the tftp directory on other Imaging servers (Primary Servers or Satellites with the Imaging role). In the tftp directory, if you add or modify files, then that content will be replicated but deletion of files are not supported.

The tftp directory contains files such as configuration files and binaries used by ZENworks to perform imaging tasks. The directory is located on the Imaging server in /srv/ on Linux and in %ZENWORKS_HOME%\share\ on Windows.

NOTE:The files under the tftp\mdt directory will not be replicated during the TFTP Directory Replication.

You can configure the replication settings at three levels:

  • Management Zone: The settings are inherited by all device folders and devices, except where device folder or device-specific settings are configured.

  • Device Folder: The settings are inherited by all devices contained within the folder or its subfolders.

  • Device: The settings apply only to the device for which they are configured.

Review the following sections to configure the replication settings: