G.2 Troubleshooting Dell Configuration Bundle

The following procedure provides a scenario for troubleshooting a Dell Configuration Preboot bundle:

  1. Create or modify a Dell Configuration bundle.

    For steps to do this, see Section 3.7.1, Creating Dell Configuration Scripts and Files.

  2. Do one of the following:

  3. In the TFTP directory, locate the .../dell-dtk/dell-dtk.s file and open it in an editor.

  4. Modify this file by adding a # character at the beginning of each of the last two lines to comment them out:

  5. Save the edited file.

  6. Allow the device to boot through PXE.

    The device should be assigned work and boot into the DTK environment, but the assigned work will not be executed, because the ./dtask and reboot lines in the dell-dtk.s file were disabled.

  7. After the device has booted to the Dell DTK in maintenance mode, press Alt-F2 to obtain a usable console.

  8. Check the following items to determine if the Dell Configuration bundle worked correctly:

    • A directory named /tmp/dell-dtk should have been created.

      A script named dell-dtk-maint.s that is downloaded from /srv/tftp/dell-dtk creates the /tmp/dell-dtk directory.

    • A utility named novell-dtktask should have been placed in the /tmp/dell-dtk directory.

    • To determine whether various environment variables have been set appropriately, enter the following commands to see if the TFTPIP and PROXYADDR variables display the IP address of your ZENworks Imaging server:

      echo $TFTPIP
      echo $PROXYADDR
  9. If all of these items show no problems, change to the /tmp/dell-dtk directory.

  10. Run the novell-dtktask utility:

    ./novell-dtktask -v

    The verbose option (-v) is optional. It causes the information being sent to the novell-dtktask.log file to be displayed on screen.

  11. To further determine any problems, examine the following log file:


    If the log file doesn’t resolve the problem, determine what action to take from the information in the log file.

    To troubleshoot, you could download the files, run the utilities, and look for error messages on screen.

  12. After each trial run, reboot the device or reassign the Preboot work so that your troubleshooting starts at a known state, then repeat these steps to troubleshoot a different Dell Configuration bundle.