5.4 Configuring Netboot service in novell-proxydhcp

After the NBI images have been copied, perform the following configuration changes to turn on Netboot service:

  1. Enable the NetBoot Service in the novell-proxydhcp configuration file.

    The novell-proxydhcp file is available in the following location:

    • On Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\conf\preboot

    • On Linux: /etc/opt/novell

    By default, the NetBootService = 0, change it to NetBootService = 1 to enable the NetBoot Service feature.

  2. Uncomment the NbiServerPrefix and enter http or nfs path to folder containing NBI folders.

    The path should be accessible without any password.

  3. Save the updated file and then restart the novell-proxydhcp service.


  • The download path to DMG file is formulated as FullDmgPath = NbiServerPrefix + NBIpath


    • If we have ‘NetInstallImage.nbi’ in the <tftp>/apple folder, then

      NBIpath = NetInstallImage.nbi/Netboot.dmg

    • If, NbiServerPrefix =

      FullDmgPath =

    • If, NbiServerPrefix = nfs:

      FullDmgPath = nfs:

  • The NbiPath is just added to the NbiServerPrefix to get the full path so ensure that the ending ‘/’ in http or ‘:’ in case of nfs are added correctly.

5.4.1 Service Restart

The novell-proxydhcp service has to be restarted in the following scenarios:

  1. When novell-proxydhcp.conf file is modified.

  2. When new NBI images are added to the <tftp>/apple folder.

  3. When NBImageInfo.plist is modified in any of the images.