5.3 Mac Image File Placement

The files that are part of the NBI image are downloaded using TFTP and HTTP or NFS. The smaller files such as booter, kernelcache are downloaded over TFTP and the larger .dmg files such as Netboot.dmg, NetInstall.dmg are downloaded using HTTP/ NFS for better speed and reliability.

As a result, the NBI image are split into two parts. Place one of them on the Imaging TFTP server and the other on the external HTTP or NFS server.

A typing NBI image folder will have the files as shown below:

The NetBoot.dmg file should be placed in the HTTP/ NFS server and all the remaining files in the NBI image should be placed in the Imaging TFTP folder.

The NBI folders should be placed within the ‘apple’ folder in the TFTP server:

  • Linux: /srv/tftp/apple

  • Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\share\tftp\apple

The following example shows placement of three images on TFTP and HTTP/NFS server:

  1. On the Linux imaging server, see the following image for file placement:

  2. On the NFS/HTTP server. “nbi” is the folder where all the images are placed and the path to it is configured in the novell-proxydhcp.conf file.

    NOTE:Ensure that the NBI folder (Eg:NetInstallSierra.nbi) name where the files are copied in the TFTP and HTTP/NFS servers should have same name. The path to the ‘.dmg’ file will be derived based on the name of the nbi folder in ‘<tftp>/apple’ folder. Giving a different name will cause the download to fail.