2.3 Creating a Red hat Subscription by Using nu.novell.com

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

  2. In the Credential Vault panel, create a credential that can download Red Hat patches from the Novell Update server (nu.novell.com).

    For more information on the Credential Vault, see Using the Credential Vault

  3. Click the Subscriptions tab.

  4. In the Subscriptions list, click New, then click Subscription to display the Select Subscription Type page.

  5. Select the RPM-MD Subscription, then click Next to display the Define Details page.

  6. Specify the name of the subscription and provide a short description, then click Next to display the Define Remote Server Details page.

  7. In the Remote Server URL field, specify one of the following URLs according to the distribution for which you want to download the patches:

    • RHEL 4 Server 32-bit: https://nu.novell.com/repo/$RCE/RES4/i386

    • RHEL 4 Server 64-bit: https://nu.novell.com/repo/$RCE/RES4/x86_64

    • RHEL 5 Server 32-bit: https://nu.novell.com/repo/$RCE/RES5/i386

    • RHEL 5 Server 64-bit: https://nu.novell.com/repo/$RCE/RES5/x86_64

  8. In the Remote Server Credentials field, select the credential that can download Red Hat patches.

  9. From the drop-down list, select the platform to download the subscriptions, then click Next.

  10. Click Next to display the Certificate Details page, if the remote server certificate is not trusted.

    When you trust the remote server certificate, the certificate is stored in the database. When you try to connect to the same remote server, you won’t be prompted for the certificate again.

  11. Click Next to display the Select Catalogs and Categories for Download page.

    Based on your credentials, the Select Catalogs and Categories for Download page lists the catalogs that you are entitled to download.

  12. Select the RPM-MD catalogs that you want to replicate.

  13. For each of the selected catalogs, click the Catalog Name link to display the Edit Catalog dialog box, then select the targets to download.

    By default, all the targets of a catalog are selected.

  14. Deselect the targets and the categories that you do not want to download.

    The categories are not applicable for RHN and ZLM subscriptions.

  15. (Optional) Specify a local name for the catalog in the Local Catalog Name field.

  16. Click OK to return to the Select Catalogs and Categories for Download page.

  17. Click Next to display the Schedule Download page.

  18. Select a schedule to assign to the subscription from the drop-down list. The available schedule types are No Schedule, Date Specific, and Recurring.

    For more information on schedules, see Schedule Types.

  19. In the Subscription Server field, type the name or browse for and select the server to which you want to replicate the catalogs.

  20. Click Next to display the Summary page.

    Review the information, making any changes to the settings by using the Back button as necessary.

  21. (Conditional) Select the Define Additional Properties check box to display the subscription’s Summary page after the wizard finishes.

    You can use the various tabs on the Summary page to edit the subscription information.

    For example, you can edit the description of the subscription and the base URL of the Remote Server, apply various options, and schedule the subscription.

    For more information on these additional properties, see .

  22. Click Finish to create the subscription.