1.0 Overview

The Subscriptions feature in ZENworks Configuration Management makes it easy to set up a subscription to repositories such as Novell Update, Red Carpet Enterprise, or other external repositories, and replicate content to the ZENworks Primary Servers. The managed devices can obtain the updates directly from the ZENworks Server instead of obtaining them from the remote repositories. ZENworks Configuration Management provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface to create these subscriptions. You can also specify a schedule to run the subscription replication.

ZENworks Configuration Management lets you use subscriptions to replicate content from NU, RCE, RHN, YUM or RPM-MD (authenticated and unauthenticated), ZENworks Linux Management, and Static repositories. It also lets you create subscriptions to connect to the Apple and Google servers to deploy VPP apps and enroll devices using Android Enterprise, respectively.

Subscriptions help you to obtain most of the software you want to distribute to managed devices. You can create subscriptions to:

  • Select the targets for which to replicate the content and create bundles.

  • Replicate content and create Linux bundles to deploy the software to managed devices.

  • Replicate content and create Linux Dependency bundles to make the software packages available to the managed devices to resolve package dependencies.

  • Download the source RPMs from remote repositories and create monolithic Linux bundles.

  • Replicate patches from remote update repositories to create Patch bundles. If you want to replicate only the patches of a selected category, you can use category-based filters.

  • Distribute apps purchased using the Apple Volume Purchase Program.

  • Enroll Android devices in the work profile and work-managed device modes.

This section provides information about the various subscription types and the different subscription settings.