4.1 Importing the Untrusted Certificates by Using ZENworks Control Center

While you are creating a subscription, if the connection to the remote server uses a secure connection but the remote server certificate is not trusted, you must use the remote server SSL certificate.

To import the untrusted certificate:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration > Subscriptions.

  2. In the Subscriptions list, click New, then click Subscription to display the Select Subscription Type page.

  3. Select the subscription type that you want to create, then click Next to display the Define Details page.

  4. Specify the subscription details, then click Next.

  5. On the Define the Remote Server details page, specify a secure URL (HTTPS) that you want to access, then click Next.

    If the remote server certificate is not trusted, then the Certificate Details page is displayed.

    NU and RCE subscriptions do not prompt you to trust the certificate details because the certificate is stored in the database.

    After you upgrade ZENworks versions, if the remote server certificate is not trusted for the RPM-MD, RHN, and ZLM subscriptions, subscription replication might fail.

  6. If the Certificate Details page prompts you to trust the certificate, select to trust it, then click Next.

    The Select Catalogs and Categories for Download page lists the catalogs that you are entitled to download. By default, all the catalogs are selected.

  7. Click Next to display the

  8. Schedule Download page.

  9. Select a schedule type from the drop-down list to assign to the subscription. The available schedule types are No Schedule, Date Specific, and Recurring.

    For more information on schedules, see Schedule Types.

  10. Click Next to display the Summary page.

  11. Review the information, then make any changes to the settings by using the Back button, as necessary.

  12. Click Finish to create the subscription.