3.4 Viewing the Request Pattern

To view the request pattern in the Applications tab:

  1. Click Application Statistics tab to view the graphical representation of the requests. The Avg Response time and number of request should help user analyze the request pattern. If Avg response time is high it has to be investigated further.

  2. Sort the applications by Req number to check which application has the maximum request.

To view the request pattern in the Connectors tab: In Connectors tab, we can find the url which is servicing the request at present.

To view the request pattern in the Threads tab: Take Thread Dump, at regular interval and check which thread is running for a long time or is it waiting on Database or LDAP for long duration. If Database response is slow then, check the number of connections to Database in Diagnostics page. If the status is normal, we may have to find long running queries in Database and analyze Database performance.