3.6 Configuring the Health Metrics for Primary Servers

This is a Server specific configuration.

  1. After installing the Primary Server, open the following file:

    • On Windows: ZENSERVER_HOME\share\tomcat\webapps\zenworks\WEB-INF\conf\diagnostics.conf

    • On Linux:/opt/novell/zenworks/share/tomcat/webapps/zenworks/WEB-INF/conf/diagnostics.conf /opt/novell/zenworks/share/tomcat/webapps/zenworks/WEB-INF/conf/diagnostics.conf

    Ensure that the zenworks.diag.processor.metrics attribute is not commented.

    NOTE:On a Windows Server, ensure that zenworks.diag.processor.metrics is assigned the path C:/Program Files(x86)/Novell/ZENworks/share/tomcat/webapps/zenworks/WEB-INF/conf/HealthMetrics.xml

  2. Open the following file:

    • On Windows: ZENWORKS_HOME\share\tomcat\webapps\zenworks\WEB-INF\conf\HealthMetrics.xml

    • On Linux: /opt/novell/zenworks/share/tomcat/webapps/zenworks/WEB-INF/conf/HealthMetrics.xml

    NOTE:The health of a Primary Server is computed based on health attributes such as: RAM_USAGE, CPU_USAGE, TIME_SYNC, LDAP_CONNECTIVITY, MEMORY_USAGE,THREAD_COUNT_PERCENTAGE, DB_CONNECTIONS, and THREAD_COUNT.

  3. Modify the Min and Max parameter for each HealthAttribute to the desired value using atext editor then save the file.

    NOTE:If the health attribute value is with in the specified Min and Max range, the status of the Primary Server is Good. Primary Server status can be Good, Critical, or Warning.

  4. Restart the ZENworks server service on the Primary Server.

  5. Launch ZENworks Control Center then click Diagnostics on the left panel.

  6. Check the status of each attribute of the Primary Server in the ZENworks Primary Server panel.

    NOTE:The icon indicating the status of the Primary Server based on the values provided in the HealthMetrics.xml file. The health of the Primary Server is computed based on these attributes and the attributes of the Java processes.

  7. Click the Primary Server hyperlink. The Service page is displayed listing the ZENworks Javaprocesses running on that server and their attributes.

  8. Click the Process hyperlink to launch the Probe page.

    NOTE:You can right-click the Process hyperlink and then select Open Link in a new tab to open Probe for different processes simultaneously.