1.2 ZENworks Processes

The ZENworks Processes page is displayed when you click any of the Primary Server names. This page provides information about the Java processes.

The Java Process List panel displays the following information:

Process: The list of processes. Click any of the following to open the ZENworks Probe page:

  • ZENworks Server

  • ZENworks Loader

  • ZENworks Authentication Service

  • ZENworks Join Proxy

  • ZENworks Xplat Agent


  • ZENworks Xplat Agent is listed in this page if few pre-configurations are set. For more information, see the Section 3.7, Enabling ZENworks Xplat Agent Service.

  • If ZENworks Control Center is launched using an IP address, it prompts for authentication before opening the ZENworks Probe page.

Threads Used / Total: The number of threads used by process compared to the maximum number of threads allowed by the thread pool in case of ZENworks Server and ZENworks Authentication Service. As ZENworks Loader and ZENworks Join Proxy do not use thread pools, this field shows the number of threads running. If multiple thread pools are configured, then this field shows the thread pool which is using maximum number of threads.

Memory Used / Total (MB): The amount of memory used by process compared to the maximum memory available.

Database Connections Used / Total: The database connections used by process compared to the maximum connections available.

NOTE:The total database connections is shown as not applicable for ZENworks Authentication Service and ZENworks Join Proxy services as they do not make connections to Database.