1.7 Data Sync Status

The Data Sync Status panel enables you to identify whether the process to sync data with Vertica is running seamlessly or not.This panel displays the status of each Kafka connector that is responsible for syncing data from the RDBMS to Vertica. These connectors help in identifying the rows in the database tables that have been updated and publishes this data to Kafka. The ZENworks loader stream processor services then consumes this data from Kafka and sends it to Vertica.

Along with the connector name and its status, this panel displays the name of the ZENloader stream processors (consumer name) and its status and the names of the server on which the loader services are running. It also displays the time at which the ZENloader stream processors last consumed data from Kafka and the time at which this data was last sent to Vertica. It also displays the number of pending records that are yet to be migrated from each Kafka connector to Vertica.

For more information on Kafka, see the Vertica Reference guide.