1.3 Antimalware Service

This panel lists the following details of the Antimalware service:

  • Server: The name of the server on which the service is running. When you click the server name, additional details of the server are displayed.

  • Memory (%): The percentage value of the amount of memory used against the maximum memory available.

  • Java Threads: The number of threads running for the service.

  • Database Connections (%): The percentage value of the database connections used against the maximum connections available.

  • Thread Dump: Click to download the thread dump of the system in its current state. By default, the file is saved on the local machine. You can open the file in any Thread Dump Analyzer to identify which thread is causing the high utilization of the CPU.

  • Heap Dump: Click to generate the memory dump of the JVM and store it on the Primary Server on which the target JVM is running. Taking a heap dump at regular intervals enables you to analyze performance and memory leak issues. By default, the file is stored in the following location:

    • On Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\Logs\Antimalware

    • On Linux: var/opt/novell/zenworks/Logs/Antimalware