1.4 Namespaces

The Endpoint Security Agent provides three namespaces for a script to allow it to control or access the agent. The namespaces are as follows:

  • Query: Provides methods to get the current state of the agent. For example, Query methods could provide information about the device’s network environment, security location, and enforced policies.

  • Action: Provides methods to change the behavior of the agent or interact with the user. For example, Action methods could display a message or message prompt, start or stop another script, or change the security location.

  • Storage: Provides methods for the script to store variables for the current session (temporary) or across sessions (persistent) For example, stored variables could be used to hold the last execution time or to transfer data between script executions.

All methods begin with one of the three namespaces. For example:

  • string Query.ScriptName

  • int Action.TriggerScript(string script, string reason)

  • string Storage.GetNameValue(string name)