6.2 Installing the Primary Server Software

  1. Log in to the installation server as a Windows administrator.

  2. Download and mount the ISO.

  3. Run setup.exe.

  4. During installation, refer to the information in Installation Information for details on the installation data that you need to know.

    You can also click the Help button for information.

  5. After installation is complete, do one of the following on the server:

    • If you selected to reboot automatically (you selected the Yes, restart the system option during installation; see Rebooting (or not)), continue with Verifying the Installation after the booting process has completed and the services have started.

    • If you selected to reboot manually (you selected the No, I will restart the system myself option during installation; see Rebooting (or not)), you must wait for the installation to complete and the services to start in order to verify it in Verifying the Installation.

    NOTE:Part of completing the installation process is for the database to be updated and for the Product Recognition Update (PRU) to be downloaded and installed, both of which cause high CPU utilization during their processes. This can cause the services to start up slowly, which can also affect how long it takes for ZENworks Control Center to open.