ZENworks Mobile Management Reference

  ZENworks Mobile Management Reference
    Getting Started
      Supported Devices for Mobile Management
      ZENworks Mobile Management Workflow Configuration Tasklist
      Feature List
      Using the Getting Started Page
        Support for the iPadOS platform
      Configuring User Sources
        Enabling a User Source for Mobile Device Enrollment
        Configuring the Attribute for ActiveSync Server Authentication
      Configuring an MDM Server
        Firewall Configuration
        Adding an MDM Server
        Testing the Outbound Capability of MDM Servers
        Securing MDM Servers
        MDM Servers and APNs Configuration
        Removing MDM Servers
        Configuring a Default DNS Name
        Configuring a Proxy Server
        Configuring MDM Sync Time
      Enabling Push Notifications
        Enabling Push Notifications for Android Devices
        Enabling Push Notifications for iOS or iPadOS Devices
      Creating and Assigning a Mobile Enrollment Policy
        Creating a Mobile Enrollment Policy
        Editing Mobile Enrollment Policy
        Assigning a Mobile Enrollment Policy
      Configuring an ActiveSync Server
        Connecting to a New ActiveSync Server
        Linking a User Source to an ActiveSync Server
      Creating and Assigning a Mobile Email Policy
        Creating a Mobile Email Policy
        Assigning a Mobile Email Policy
    Enrolling Mobile Devices
      Inviting Users to Enroll Devices
      Enrolling iOS/iPadOS Devices
        What is a supervised device?
        Enrolling devices using the Apple Device Enrollment Program
        Enrolling an iOS Device through Apple Configurator
        Enrolling an iOS Device Manually
      Enrolling Android Devices
        What is Android in the enterprise?
        Enrolling the Organization to Android Enterprise
        Creating and Assigning Android Enterprise Enrollment Policy
        Enrolling Devices in the Work Profile Mode
        Enrolling Devices in the Work-managed Device Mode
        Enroll Managed Device using a QR code
      Enrolling an Email Only Device
      Allowing Manual Reconciliation by the User
      Viewing Device Information
    Managing Mobile Devices
      Viewing Device Status
      Securing a Device
        Mobile Device Control Policy
        Mobile Security Policy
      Monitoring Device Compliance
        Creating and Assigning a Mobile Compliance Policy
        Viewing the Compliance Dashboard
      Provisioning Applications
        Distributing iOS App Store Apps
        Distributing iOS Enterprise Apps
        Distributing VPP Apps
        Distributing iOS Update Bundles
        Distributing Android Apps
        Distributing Corporate Wi-Fi Settings
        Assigning Bundles
        Specifying App Configuration Parameters
        Installing a Bundle using a Quick Task
        Viewing Information of Apps Installed on Devices
      Viewing Apps Catalog
        Overview of the Apps Catalog Page
        Editing App Permissions
      Refreshing a Device
        Initiating a Scheduled Refresh
        Manually Triggered Refresh
      Collecting Mobile Device Inventory
        Mobile Inventory Scan
        Viewing Mobile Inventory
      Initiating Quick Tasks
        Refresh Device
        Install Bundle
        Reboot or Shutdown Devices
        Lock Device and Unlock Device
        Unenrolling a Device
        Send Message
      Bypassing Activation Lock
        Enabling Activation Lock Bypass
        Disabling Activation Lock Bypass
        Retrieving the Activation Lock Bypass Code
        Viewing the Activation Lock Bypass Code in ZCC
        Activating the Device Using the Activation Lock Bypass Code
      Locating a Device
        Notifying Users of Device Location
      Enabling Factory Reset Protection on Android Work-Managed Devices
        Specifying corporate accounts to provision devices
        Wiping Factory Reset Protection Data
      Protecting Intune Apps
        Configuring Microsoft Graph API
        Policy Sync Schedule
        Creating the App Protection Policy
        Editing the App Protection Policy Settings
        Assigning the App Protection Policy
        Disabling or Enabling the App Protection Policy
        Viewing and Wiping Intune Protected Apps
      Managing Email Notifications
      Unenrolling Devices
      Unenrolling the Organization from Android Enterprise
        Unenrolling the Organization
    Best Practices
      Migrating to Apple Business Manager
    Documentation Updates
    Legal Notices