2.2 Configure the Content Cache Settings

The Content Cache settings enable you to define cache size limits, minimum requirements for disk space, and the content retention period for content downloaded to ZENworks ondemand content servers and satellites with an Ondemand Content role. You can also specifically set how long metadata and content are maintained for downloaded files. See the descriptions below for more information about metadata and content:

  • Metadata: The "index" file that the Content Server uses to know what content to send to a device when it requests an update. The metadata needs to have a short Time-to-Live (TTL) so that the Content Server requests it frequently and has the latest index of content. Otherwise, it will continue to serve it to devices, resulting in devices not receiving the most recent content.

  • Content: The content pertains to what the Content Server is downloading and distributing to managed devices. For example, malware signatures and agent updates for devices that have the Antimalware Agent installed. The content should have a longer TTL so that it does not repeat downloads.

To change the default or currently configured settings for the general cache, modify the fields directly for Cache Size, Disk Space, and Content Retention. To modify the settings for Cached File Time to Live, select Antimalware Metadata or Antimalware Content, and click Edit.