1.1 Definitions

Reference the following definitions to better understand ondemand concepts, architecture, and configuration:

Ondemand Content

Content that is served to the requesting workstation or server upon request from that device.

Content Server

A primary server or satellite server with a Content Server role that is used to store content intended for replication to other workstations or other servers.

Ondemand Content Master (OCM)

A primary server with an OCM assignment, either by default or by designation in the Server Hierarchy configuration.

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

A server external to the ZENworks zone that maintains content intended for enterprise downloads to accomplish a specific purpose. Typically, patching, updating software, and updating system security.

Ondemand Content Master List

The ZENworks zone architecture of primary servers that are configured as OCMs for the purpose of ondemand content replication.

Content Replication Method

The ZENworks zone architecture of primary servers and satellite servers networked for the purpose of content replication.

Shared Content Repository

The ZENworks zone architecture of managing content storage on content servers.


A configuration setting that determines the rate of content being downloaded to agent devices. This setting is designed to provide the least disruption of network operations due to content downloads.