20.4 Troubleshooting an Oracle Database Crash

If the Oracle database crashes during the database migration:

  1. At the console prompt, run the ZENworks_installation_path\bin\novell-zenworks-configure.bat file on Windows or /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/novell-zenworks-configure on Linux.

  2. Follow the prompts.

    When you are prompted to enter the location of the file required for resuming the migration, enter the complete path of DBMigration.xml. The file is located in the ZENworks_installtion_path\bin directory on Windows, and in the /opt/novell/zenworks/bin directory on Linux.

    The XML file contains a list of tables and a flag indicating whether the table was successfully migrated or not. When the database migration resumes, only the tables with flag value set to False are migrated.

    IMPORTANT:Do not edit the contents of DBMigration.xml.