20.1 After database migration ZEUS is unable to contact the new database server

If you have added the database.conf file to override the default JDBC URL and drivers values. After database migration, the content of the database.conf file might not be updated with the latest database information. Hence, ZEUS might not be able to contact the new database server.


By default, the details in the ZDM.xml file is used to communicate between database server and ZEUS. If you want to override the default JDBC driver class and JDBC URL values, then updated the database.conf file with the new database information.

To use the default values for driver class and JDBC URL, delete the database.conf, else value in this file will be used to communicate with ZEUS.

The database.conf file is available in the following location:

On Windows: %ZEN_HOME%\ZeUS\conf\

Linux: /etc/opt/microfocus/zenworks/datamodel