2.2 Starting the ZENworks Services

  • To start a ZENworks service, do one of the following:

    • Enter the following command at the console prompt:

      systemctl start servicename

      Replace servicename with the name of the service as listed in Table 2-1.

    • At the console prompt, execute microfocus-zenworks-configure -c Start, specify the number next to the service you want to start, then press Enter.

  • To start all the ZENworks services:

    1. Execute the following command at the server prompt:

      microfocus-zenworks-configure -c Start

      By default, all the services and the Start option are selected.

    2. Press Enter.

The ZENworks services start when the ZENworks Server is booted and should not normally need to be restarted. If you need to frequently restart the services, ensure that your server hardware meets the minimum ZENworks requirements. If the server does not have adequate RAM, ZENworks services might not continue running. For more information, see Database Requirements in the ZENworks System Requirements.