35.0 Content Replication

When you add a bundle or policy that contains files, the files are uploaded to the content repository on the ZENworks Server. In addition, the ZENworks database is updated to reflect the addition of the bundle or policy and its content.

ZENworks Servers and Satellite devices, collectively referred to as content servers, periodically read the ZENworks database to discover new bundles and policies. Each content server that does not have the bundle or policy content retrieves it from the content server where it resides.

There are a variety of settings you can use to control how content is replicated among content servers in your zone.

Content Replication settings can be inherited from the following locations:

  • (System): The bundle is inheriting the setting established for the Management Zone (Configuration tab > Management Zone Settings > Content > Content Replication).

  • Folder: The bundle is inheriting the setting established for one of its parent folders.

  • Bundle: The bundle is not inheriting the setting, but the setting is configured directly on the bundle.

  • ---: The bundle is not inheriting the setting and the setting is not configured directly on the bundle. In other words, the setting is not configured at the system level, the folder level, or the bundle level.

If the settings are configured at the system or folder level, click Override settings to enable you to configure the setting at the bundle or policy level.

If you are configuring settings on a bundle folder or policy folder, you can click Force Inheritance in the Folder Task list in the left navigation pane to ensure that all children (all subfolders as well as individual bundles and policies) inherit the settings.

Content replication settings let you:

  • Specify whether content is replicated to new content servers by default.

  • Manually include content on or exclude content from content servers.

  • Schedule how often replication occurs.

  • Set a limit, or throttle, on the maximum amount of content that is replicated per second from one content server to another.

  • Specify whether you want the ZENworks Agent on managed devices or Satellite devices to use checksum comparison to help ensure that no errors were introduced during content replication and that the content was not altered.

For information about performing these tasks, see the following sections: