28.0 Promoting a Macintosh Device to Be a Collection Role Satellite Server

  1. Log in to ZENworks Control Center.

  2. Click Configuration.

  3. In the Server Hierarchy panel, select the Primary Server you want to promote.

  4. Click Action > Add Satellite Server to display the Add Satellite Server dialog box.

  5. In the Device to promote option, browse for and select a Macintosh device that is registered inthe Management Zone, then click OK.

  6. In the Satellite Server Roles panel, select Collection.

  7. Click OK.

On the Macintosh Managed Device:

  1. Log in to the managed device as root.

  2. Refresh the device.

  3. Right-click the ZENworks icon and click Show Properties. The Macintosh device is promoted to the Collection role.