12.2 Login Script Special System Variables

NOTE:For compatibility with traditional ZENworks, the system variable can also be specified in one of the following formats:

  • %system_variable%

    For example, %MONTH%

  • %*system_variable%

    For example, %*MONTH%

  • ${system_variable}

    For example, ${MONTH}

The following table lists the supported login script special system variables:

Table 12-2 Supported Login Script Special System Variables




The name of the computer. For example: work_pc.


Numeric day of the month. For example: 01, 10, 15.


Time of the day according to a 24-hour clock. For example: 02, 05, 14, 22.


Hour of the day. For example: 0 = 12, 13 = 1.


Last name of the current user (also known as the user’s eDirectory Surname attribute). For example: Jones.


Current minute. For example: 02, 59.


Current month number. For example: 01 for January.


Numeric day of the week. For example: 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday.


Workstation network address. For example:


Version of the OS. For example: v5.00.


OS type. For example: MSDOS, WIN98, WINNT, WIN2000, WINXP.


Platform running. For example: WIN32NT.


MAC address. For example: 0000C04FD92ECA.


Number of seconds. For example: 03, 54.


Short year number. For example: 97, 00.


Windows version. For example: v3.11, v4.00.


Full year number. For example: 2008.