9.1 Adding a Credential

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

  2. In the Credential Vault panel, click New > Credential to display the Add Credential dialog box.

  3. Fill in the following fields.

    • Credential Name: Specify the name of the credential. When an action or task that requires authentication is executed, ZENworks uses this name to access the credential vault to obtain the resource’s credentials.

    • Description: Provide an optional description of the credential.

    • Login Name Specify the login name for the resource. For example, to access a resource on a network that requires authentication do one of the following:

      • For Basic Authentication: Specify the username.

      • For Domain Authentication: Specify the domain\username.

      • For eDirectory Authentication: Specify the Fully Qualified Distinguished Name in the following format:


        For example: .jsmith.provo.novell

        However, the format cn=jsmith,ou=provo,o=novell is not supported.

    • Password Specify the password for the resource’s login name that you specified in the Login Name field.

    • Reenter Password Re-enter the password for the resource’s login name.