11.0 Security Settings

The Security section contains the following settings:

Security Dashboard: Configure patch compliance criteria and the malware status unknown threshold. For more information, see Security Dashboard.

Patch Subscription Service Settings: Allows you to control the subscription service, define proxy settings, and enter subscription credentials for 3rd-party patch content. For more information, see Patch Subscription Service Settings.

Subscription Service Content Download: Allows you choose and filter what patch content is downloaded. For more information, see Subscription Service Content Download.

Email Notification: Set up the e-mail notification options when the Patch Management Server detects a new patch. For more information, see Email Notification.

Vulnerability Detection Schedule: Allows you to set the default schedule for vulnerability detections. For more information, see Vulnerability Detection Schedule.

Patch Policy Settings: Allows you to set the default settings for patch policy distribution, enforcement, and reboot behavior. For more information, see Patch Policy Settings.

Patch Policy Pre-Install Behavior: Allows you to define when patches are distributed to the agents and how end users are notified of patch installations. For more information, see Patch Policy Pre-Install Behavior.

CVE and Patch Cleanup: Allows you to specify the time period after which CVE and Patch content are deleted. Using this setting you can also control the delaying of superseded and non-superseded patches. For more information, see CVE and Patch Cleanup.

Zone Policy Settings: Specify the default security policies that the ZENworks Agent uses when no other policies settings are available. For more information, see Zone Policy Settings.

Endpoint Security Reporting Settings: Configure how often effective policy reports are uploaded from the Endpoint Security Agent to the ZENworks Server. For more information, see Endpoint Security Reporting Settings.

Antimalware Agent Schedules: Configure zone settings for malware scan schedules and updates to the Antimalware Agent on managed devices. For more information, see Antimalware Agent Schedules.

Antimalware Agent Notifications: Configure the settings for Antimalware generated notifications on managed devices in the management zone. For more information, see Antimalware Agent Notifications.

Antimalware Configuration: Configure the Antimalware Server and the maintenance schedule for malware cleanup and agent installation. For more information, see Antimalware Configuration.