Windows MDM CSP Repository

This document includes a list of frequently used CSPs with the corresponding SyncML. This can be used with Windows MDM CSP Bundle and deployed to Windows MDM devices.

1.0 Using Windows MDM CSP

This section provide steps to use Windows MDM CSP:

  1. Create a Windows MDM Bundle with Windows 10 MDM CSP as the category.

  2. Paste the SyncML specified for each setting in the bundle.

  3. Assign this bundle to Windows MDM devices.

    The response from the device will be logged in services-messages.log and the response codes and values should be correlated for any errors.

    For more details on response codes, see the following link:

  4. Multiple commands can be put together in a bundle. Refer to the CSP documentation if there are any specific restrictions provided.

    The syntax for Add command is given for the settings which support Add, Replace and Delete commands. Add SyncML can be converted to Replace or Delete by modifying the starting and trailing <Add> tags with corresponding <Replace> and <Delete> tags.

    For more details on the commands and the response codes returned, see the following link:

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