5.4 ZENworks Explorer General Settings

You can use the ZENworks Explorer General panel to configure ZENworks Explorer to uninstall a bundle that is no longer assigned to the device, specify the number of days to wait before uninstalling the bundle, and specify the default folder that ZENworks Explorer uses:

  • Unassigned Bundles: Select whether or not you want a bundle to be uninstalled after it is no longer assigned to a device or the device’s user.

    If you choose to uninstall the bundle, select the number of days to wait before uninstalling the application. Specify 0 if you want the application to be uninstalled as soon as it is no longer assigned to the device or user.

  • Default Folder: ZENworks Explorer displays a default folder (ZENworks) in Windows Explorer, on the Windows Start menu and in the ZENworks Window. Bundles are placed in the default folder unless you override the default folder by specifying a folder on a bundle’s Summary page.

    The default folder can be renamed to meet the needs of your organization. Click Edit to change the folder name.

  • Disable Icon Overlays: Select this option to disable both the status indicator overlay and the red ZENworks icon overlay from a bundles icon.

    NOTE:After choosing to disable the icon overlays, you must do the following on a Windows device for the bundle icon changes to be effective on the device:

    • For the Desktop, System Tray, Start Menu, and Quick Launch bundle icons: Logout and log into the device again.

    • For the ZENworks Application Window bundle icons: Close the ZENworks Application Window and launch it again.