3.0 Searching for Devices that Have a Specified Version of the ZENworks Agent

For upgrading or troubleshooting purposes, you can use the Advanced Search feature to display a list of devices in your ZENworks Management Zone that have a specified version of the ZENworks Agent software installed.

  1. Depending on whether you want to search for all devices (servers and workstations), for servers, or for workstations that have the specified version of the ZENworks Agent installed, do one of the following in ZENworks Control Center:

    • To search for all devices, click the Devices tab.

    • To search for all servers, click the Devices tab > Servers.

    • To search for all workstations, click the Devices tab > Workstations.

  2. In the Search section, click Advanced Search.

  3. Click Add to display the Search Criteria dialog box.

  4. Click Add Filter, click Device/AgentVersion from the drop-down list, then click OK.