ZENworks Reporting Readme

1.0 ZENworks Reporting 7.2.0

The information in this Readme pertains to the ZENworks Reporting 7.2.0 release.

1.1 What’s New

ZENworks Reporting 7.2.0 Appliance is an incremental release, which replaces the ZENworks Reporting 6.4.x Appliance.

IMPORTANT:In ZENworks Reporting 7.2.0 release, use port 443 instead of 8443 to access the ZENworks Reporting console.

It is recommended that the Reporting Appliance is upgraded/migrated to ZENworks Reporting 7.2.0, as the latest version includes various enhancements and security upgrades, which are explained in the following sections:

ZENworks Reporting 7.2.0

Changes in ZENworks Reporting 7.2.0 include the following:


In this release, legacy dashboards that were developed with the ZENworks Reporting Server Dashboard Designer in releases older than the 6.x.x version, are no longer available to view or edit. The older architecture utilized in these dashboards is now deprecated. If your existing version of ZENworks Reporting still includes dashboards in the legacy dashboard format, then recreate them in the new Dashboard Designer before migrating to this release.

Performance Improvements

ZENworks Reporting Server is faster and uses less memory when working with high-cardinality data in Ad Hoc views or reports based on Ad Hoc views.

Security Improvements
  • ZENworks Reporting Server has implemented a new mechanism to protect against clickjacking attacks.

  • ZENworks Reporting Server has implemented a new Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection mechanism that is more effective and less intrusive.

Ad Hoc Views and Reports
  • The ability to define basic Time Balance properties on measures, providing greater control on time series aggregate data, is included in this release. By default, all data is aggregated by summing the time series values. New options have been introduced that lets you calculate aggregate time values by considering the first or last values of a time series. This is beneficial in cases where the opening and ending balance values (such as Inventory and Cash Balances) are measured. These options can change the total to the sum of the numeric data for a period of time as well as an average of the numeric values, the first numeric value entered for the period, and the last numeric value entered for the period.

  • An option has been introduced for grouping time series data by the days of the week.

Jaspersoft Studio 7.3

The Jaspersoft Studio 7.3 include the following enhancements:

  • Support for properties in datasets and query executers: In this release, better support for fields and parameters in the Dataset and Query dialog has been provided. This includes support for field properties on the Fields tab and show and hide built-in parameters, and the ability to display, create, and edit parameter properties on the Parameters tab. You can also configure fields and parameters directly in the Dataset and Query dialog.

  • Data adapters that connect to a web service: You can now create data adapters that connect to a web service. You configure these data adapters in the data adapter dialog. When you use this type of data adapter in a report, you can access it in the Dataset and Query dialog. You can auto-discover fields from a node you enter in the query dialogs and view and manage HTTP parameters on the Data Adapter tab.

  • Enhanced Properties UI: The Advanced Properties dialog now displays a searchable list of available properties. You can create expressions, toggle the view to the old properties dialog, and add properties for your custom classes. Most elements now support expressions in properties.

  • Support for Data Snapshots: Jaspersoft Studio now lets you create a data snapshot that contains a sample dataset with all sample data necessary to run the report. Storing the data for a report makes it easier to develop reports while offline or to share a functional report with other developers.

NOTE:You can still create reports and connect to the latest ZENworks Reporting Server with previous versions of Jaspersoft Studio.

1.2 Installing or Upgrading the ZENworks Reporting Appliance

Please refer to the following sections to understand which installation process is appropriate for your current environment:

  • New Installation: If ZENworks Reporting Appliance is not installed, you need to perform a new installation.

    For more information on performing the new installation, see Appliance Deployment.

  • Upgrade or Migrate: If ZENworks Reporting Appliance is already installed, you need to upgrade or migrate to the latest version.

    For more information on migrating ZENworks Appliance to the latest version, see ZENworks Reporting Migration.

2.0 Platform Support




ZENworks Reporting 7.2.0 Appliance is compatible with the following ZENworks versions:

  • ZENworks 2017

  • ZENworks 2017 Update 1

  • ZENworks 2017 Update 2

  • ZENworks 2017 Update 3

  • ZENworks 2017 Update 4

  • ZENworks 2020


Speed: 2.0 GHz

For optimum results we recommend at least a 2.5 GHz multi-core processor

Multi-core processor 4 to 8

Type: Server-class CPU such as AMD64 dual core or Intel EM64T dual core or faster


8 GB minimum

Disk Space

60 GB minimum

Additional hard disk of 16 GB and above is recommended.

Supported Hypervisors

ZENworks Reporting appliance can be installed in the following virtual machine environments:

  • XEN on SLES 11 SP4, SLES 12 SP3, SP4, and SLES 15, SP1

  • VMware ESXi 6.x

  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server Windows 2012, 2012 R2 2016 and 2019.

  • Citrix XEN 7.x and Citrix Hypervisor 8.x

Web Browser

The following web browsers are supported:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and above

  • Firefox version 58 and higher

  • Firefox ESR version 60

  • Firefox version 58 and higher

  • Firefox ESR 60

  • Edge 40 and above

  • Chrome version 55 and higher

3.0 Known Issues

This section contains information about issues that might occur while you work with ZENworks Reporting:

3.1 Certificate is not generated with SHA256RSA algorithm

If the CSR was signed with a weak signature algorithm, then some of the Certificate Authorities might not support certificate generation with the SHA256RSA algorithm.

Workaround: Create the CSR using ZENworks.

3.2 While accessing ZENworks Reporting Server a warning message might be displayed

If the certificate does not have the correct SubjectAlternativeName extension, then any of the following warnings might be displayed while accessing ZENworks Reporting Server:

  • Subject Alternative Name Missing


  • Your connection is not private

Workaround: None.

3.3 List items are not displayed in the Sample Data and Crosstab drop-down lists

While using ZENworks Reporting in Mozilla Firefox 6.8, the items in the Sample Data and Crosstab drop-down lists are not displayed.

Workaround: Perform any one of the following:

3.4 An error occurs while executing the predefined reports

An error occurs while running the predefined reports such as Bundle Launch Details, Bundle Install Details and Bundle Distribution Details on the Oracle database.

Workaround: Use the new bundle domain to create reports.

3.5 ZRS Adhoc view and the associated reports are not updated as soon as the bundle assignments are updated in ZENworks Control Center (ZCC)

When bundle assignments are changed in ZCC, the effective assignment computation takes time to calculate the device assignments. By default, this setting is configured to run every 2 hours. Hence, ZRS adhoc view and other associated reports are not updated immediately.

Workaround: Perform one of the following:

  • Run zman area command after updating the bundle assignments to devices.


  • Based on your requirements, modify the Assignment Computation Frequency setting by navigating to ZCC > Configuration > Infrastructure Management > Assignment Optimization Settings.

3.6 In the Bundle Domain, Bundle User Assignment data will not be displayed

In the new bundle domain, Bundle User Assignment data will not be displayed. You can view only the Bundle Device Assignment data.

Workaround: None.

3.7 Ad Hoc view report with more than five columns using the default template does not display as expected

If you create an Ad Hoc view report with more than five columns by using the default template, then the report does not display as expected.

Solution: If the number of columns are more than five, then create an Ad Hoc view report by using the Landscape template.

3.8 While configuring ZENworks Reporting if you click Cancel then the NumberFormatException error might be displayed

While configuring ZENworks Reporting in the wizard, if you click Cancel, then the NumberFormatException error might be displayed.

Workaround: Before configuring ZENworks Reporting again, logout and login.

4.0 Additional Documentation

This Readme lists the issues specific to ZENworks Reporting. For all other ZENworks documentation, see the ZENworks documentation website.

5.0 Legal Notices

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