Download Schedule

The default is to not schedule downloading of system updates (No Schedule is displayed in the Schedule Type field). With this scheduling option selected, the only way you can download system updates is to do so manually in the Available System Updates panel on the System Updates tab.

You can specify how often you want to download system updates. You should set this schedule in conjunction with the schedule to check for updates (see Schedule).

After an update has been checked for and its information displayed in the Available System Updates panel on the System Updates tab, you can schedule the download from Novell to automatically occur when the schedule fires.

To schedule how often to download updates:

  1. In the Schedule Type field, select Recurring.

  2. Select one or more of the check boxes for the days of the week to download the updates.

  3. Use the three Start Time fields to specify the start time for each selected day.

  4. (Optional) To configure other scheduling options, click Show Options, then fill in the fields:

    Process Immediately if Device Unable to Execute on Schedule: Causes the checking for updates to occur as soon as possible if the checking cannot be done according to schedule. For example, if a server is down at the scheduled time, after the server comes back online, checking for updates immediately occurs.

    Use Coordinated Universal Time: Causes the schedule to interpret the times you specify as UTC instead of local time.

    Start at a Random Time Between Start and End Times: Allows the downloading of updates to occur at a random time between the time you specify here and the time you specified in Step 3. Fill in the End Time fields.

    Restrict Schedule Execution to the Following Date Range: In addition to the other options, you can specify a date range for when the downloading can occur.

  5. (Conditional) If you need to revert to the last saved schedule, click Reset.

    This resets all data to the last saved state, such as when you last clicked Apply or OK.

  6. Click Apply to make the changes effective.

    IMPORTANT:Previous settings cannot be restored after clicking Apply.

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