Proxy Server Settings

This option is useful for restrictive environments where you do not want all of your production servers to have Internet access. This must be used in conjunction with the Dedicated Server Settings panel.

To specify a proxy server:

  1. Fill in the fields:

    Proxy Server Address: DNS name or IP address of the proxy server.

    Proxy Server Port: The proxy server’s communication port.

    Proxy Server Requires Authentication: When you select this check box, the User and Password fields become editable. If authentication is required, select this check box and enter the username and password for access to the proxy server.

  2. (Conditional) If you need to revert to the last saved proxy server information, click Reset.

    This resets all data to the last saved state, such as when you last clicked Apply or OK.

  3. Click Apply to make the changes effective.

    IMPORTANT:Previous settings cannot be restored after clicking Apply.

  4. Continue with Dedicated Server Settings.

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