12.6 Managing Covered License Information Sources

The Coverage tab displays the LIS (license information source) products that are covered by the licensed product. Based on the coverage information, ZENworks Asset Management determines the compliance status of the LIS products.

For the configured license information source, the following information is displayed in the License Information Sources Configured panel:

  • Source Name: The name of the configured license information source of the licensed product

  • Source Address: Details such as the IP Address with port name, or host name with IP Address

  • Source Type: Indicates the type of product associated with the source, such as GroupWise or Open Enterprise Server

The licensed products are not created automatically for the license information sources for which the following option is not selected:

Create catalog products, licensed products and entitlements automatically

However, you can manually add a new license information source by using the Coverage tab.

The following table lists the tasks you can perform to manage covered license information sources.



Additional Details

Add a license information source

  1. Click Add.

  2. In the Select License Information Source dialog, select the license information source.

  3. Click OK.

In the Select License Information Source dialog, the license information sources that are not already linked to any of the licensed products are available for selection.

Remove a license information source

  1. Click the listed license information source.

  2. Click Remove.