36.1 Running a Report

Many of the Asset Management standard reports include usage data associated with the software product. If you are not interested in this data, you can exclude the data to generate the report more quickly. For information, see Section 35.0, Configuring Report Settings.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Asset Management tab.

  2. For license compliance and license allocation reports, click the License Management tab, then click License Management Reports.


    For software usage reports, click the Software Usage tab.


    For contract management reports, click the Contract Management tab, then click Contract Management Reports.

  3. In the Standards Reports panel, locate the report you want to run.

    In some cases, you might need to open a folder to see the report you want. Within a folder, reports are listed by name and description. For a list of reports and descriptions, see Section 33.0, Standard and Custom Report Descriptions.

  4. If you are generating a software usage report, you can limit the scope of the report data by selecting one of the following Grouping Criteria:

    • Zone: Displays data from the entire Management Zone.

    • Folder: Displays data for devices in a specific folder. Select Folder, then click to browse for and select the folder.

    • Group: Displays data for devices in a specific group. Select Group, then click to browse for and select the group.

    • Demographic: Displays data for a specific demographic. Select Demographic, then select Department, Site, or Cost Center.

  5. Click the report to run it.

Many of the reports contained linked items. You can click a linked item to display more detailed information about the item.